About Lineout

Lineout makes fishing with yarn and line for a game. With Lineout it has finally become easy to put yarn and line alone from the boat. The yarn or the line is made in the accompanying stamp in the usual manner, assemble the Lineout on the stamp, remove the end and the yarn / linen goes out of its own. You can focus on controlling the boat. The yarn or linen will run out of itself without stuck in anything.

Lineout is made by fishermen for fishermen. We looked tired of the challenges of putting yarn and line in the boat alone and decided to do something about it. In close cooperation with professional fishermen, recreational fishermen, deigners and advisors, we have developed a brand new patented product that has been well received in the market. This is a high quality product that is made of a well-proven plastic blend, solid stainless steel fasteners and poppets.

Lineout is manufactured and installed in Norway, each copy passes through our internal control before it is shipped to the customer as part of our quality assurance work. Lineout can easily be moved from one stamp to another thanks to the quick clips. Cut off the empty stamp and place it straight on the next.

Lineout can be placed where you want to boat, it can stand behind the engine, on the side of the boat or in the bow. Place it where it best suits you. Lineout consists of two halves popping together with ten poppets, four quick clips that attach to stamp and a single stamp also comes with.